Yoga Classes


Our Yoga and Mindful Movement Classes are an excellent addition to your dance practice or as a practice all on their own. Based in the Hatha Yoga Tradition we offer nurturing and holistic classes that are designed to connect your mind, body and spirit using asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and meditation.

With mindful and targeted movements these classes work on a deeper¬†level, reprogramming movement patterns and connections for longer lasting benefits. You will learn to adapt the movement to work with your body, we are all unique and individual. No two bodies move the same and Regan’s gentle approach means these classes are suited to all ages, fitness levels, physical abilities and experience levels.

You can enjoy the benefits of increased join health, flexibility, strength, mobility, body tone, body awareness, centering, coordination, self confidence and stress relief.

Regan is a qualified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist with many years of experience and continuing development. She is dedicated to helping people keep moving as they age and firmly believes that movement is personal freedom, you can change the way you age!

Classes are run on


Monday at 7:30 pm

Thursday at 10am & 6:15 pm

Mindful Movement

Tuesday at 10am

Bookings are essential