Meet Us

At Belly Dance Arabesque we pride ourselves on Integrity and Professionalism. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, all sharing a common love of dance and teaching.

They have a wealth of knowledge and experience including performance, teaching and training both nationally and internationally. As well as being skilled performers and teachers they value the importance of creating a learning environment that is friendly and fun for everyone. Our teachers are not only passionate about the art of Belly Dance but also about you!

Belly Dance Arabesque has been teaching beginners classes at the WEA for 25 years.


Regan started out as a student of Shamira’s at Belly Dance Arabesque in 2001. She fell in love with the studio and Belly Dancing with her passion taking her to train and perform all over the world. She has trained with leading local and international teachers in Traditional and Tribal Belly Dance and Yoga gaining her General Skills and Teaching Certifications with Carolena Nericcio in 2009, Yoga Teaching Certification in 2012, Advanced Yoga Teacher Certification in 2015 and Unmata ITS Level 1 in 2014. Regan loves the diversity of Belly Dance with her main loves being Modern and Classical Belly Dance, Tribal, Fusion and Turkish Romani combined with a calling for her Yoga practice. She regularly performs at private and corporate events and festivals in Adelaide and Interstate as well as the Adelaide Fringe. In 2010 she travelled to America to train and perform in Colorado and California. Regan is the founder and director of Divine Elements Belly Dance Company, a successful Belly Dance Arts performance group who were invited to Avignon France in 2011 to perform a 14 show season at the Festival Le Off.
Regan is dedicated to the art of Belly Dance and sharing not only the technical aspects but the joy of it in a professional, friendly, supportive and fun environment. Belly Dance is her passion!



Shamira has been performing and teaching throughout Australia and overseas since 1986.
She regularly conducts workshops for various belly dance schools in city and country locations, and introduces belly dance to groups of women throughout South Australia via workshops run by Country Arts SA.
As the belly dance tutor at the WEA since 1990 – and at times for TAFE – Shamira has a strong background of teaching adults of various abilities, and is enthusiastic about imparting her knowledge to others.
She has been sponsored to travel to New Zealand, Canberra, Albury, and Hobart and to Queensland where she does regular workshops. She also teaches and performs at the Sydney Middle Eastern Festival every year where she was crowned Queen of the Festival in 2010.
She also travels to the Middle East frequently to work with some of Egypt’s finest teachers.
Her experience and skill make her a valuable asset to our Belly Dance community!



After attending her first belly dance class in 1998, what began as a hobby soon became a passion. A love of performing was awoken with much dedication to the art of Middle Eastern Dance. “Zahira” had her first professional solo performance in the Belly Dance Arabesque annual show in 2001. This began “Zahira’s” extensive performance career, performing at restaurants, weddings, functions and large festivals. She soon became a favourite with Lebanese and Greek audiences and was booked to dance at many festive occasions often working with live musicians.
Rachel began teaching in 2002 and found that her easy going nature and patience was an asset along with genuine enthusiasm for Middle Eastern dance. “Finding belly dance was a life changing event for me, it made me more confident as a person and as a woman. There is something about the combination of strength and femininity that really strikes a chord with me and it is great to share that with others.” Not coming from a traditional dance background, Rachel understands that although it is an asset, is it not essential to have a history with dance but with training and the desire you can find the dancer within.
In 2005 her interest turned also to Bollywood Dance where she found a new passion, attending workshops with Indian Dancers and before long Belly Dance Arabesque was performing at the Annual Mela Indian Festival the only belly dance school to be invited to perform at this event.
Rachel continues her training to this day studying with the best national and international Middle Eastern & Bollywood dancers, taking every opportunity to broaden her knowledge and perspective of the dance.



Rebecca’s love for dance began with classical ballet lessons throughout her childhood. Then attending her first Belly Dance class at the WEA, she was entranced by the vivacious music, and the energy and artistry of the choreography. And so commenced a fascination with all things Belly Dance!
In 1997, she joined Belly Dance Arabesque as a student, and thrived in a school that taught a love for dance and its emotive expression. In 2002, she was delighted to become a teacher, and in 2004, completed Teacher Training through Belyssa Academy of Danse Orientale. Since then, she has seen many of her students who were shy like herself, gain the skills and confidence to take to the stage.
Performing is a highlight for any dancer, and since 2000, she has attended functions ranging from small gatherings, to weddings and large festivals, such as Glendi Greek Festival and Mela Indian Festival. She regularly attends workshops with masters in the art of oriental dance from overseas: Raqia Hassan, Leyla Jouvana, Yasmina and Caroline Evanoff; and from Australia: Amera, Barbara Wolfkamp, Rose Ottaviano, Terezka and Melusina.
Rebecca’s interests encompass various styles in Belly Dance and Bollywood, and she teaches from Beginners to Advanced.



Since her teen years Jane has always been fascinated by the Middle East. Intrigued by an advertisement, she attended her first Belly Dance lesson at WEA in 1996, taught by Shamira. She was instantly hooked by the rhythms of the music and the beauty and elegance of the dance and has spent the next sixteen years immersing herself in anything to do with the dance and the associated Middle Eastern cultures. She attended dance classes at Belly Dance Arabesque and also workshops from famed dancers like Beata and Horacio Cifuentes (Germany), Yasmina (Cairo), Hadia (Canada) and Leyla Jouvana (Germany). Jane grew so passionate about the culture, she even travelled to Turkey in 1998 and Egypt in 2001 – where she danced with locals on boats and even at several weddings.
It was Shamira, and legendary Sydney belly dancer Amera Eid, who both encouraged Jane to dance professionally in 1999. Since then, Jane has continued to perform regularly at weddings, birthday parties, hen’s nights, restaurants and corporate events and festivals, including: Middle Eastern Dance Association of NZ Annual Festival, Glendi Greek Festival and the Indian Mela Festival.
In 2002 Jane took her passion to the next level, and began teaching professionally at Belly Dance Arabesque – where she remains to this day. In 2005, Jane added to her resume, and began performing and teaching Bollywood Dance. Since then she has extended her knowledge of Bollywood Dance by doing workshops with Indian dancers including Lalita Lakshmi (Sydney) and JJ Patel (USA).



Sarah became infatuated with Tribal Belly Dance in 2005 and has been busy perfecting and refining her technique ever since. She has travelled both interstate and overseas to train with leading teachers such as Rachel Brice, Samantha Emanuel, Sharon Kihara, Amy Sigil, Ariellah, Carolena Nericcio, Devi Mamak and Melusina. In 2009 she attained her General Skills Certification in American Tribal Style with Carolena Nericcio.
Sarah is a member of Adelaide’s Divine Elements Belly Dance Company and has been teaching Tribal Belly Dance at Belly Dance Arabesque since late 2009. Her performance experience includes local and interstate festivals with recent trips to America and France to perform.
Her specialty is Tribal Fusion and her dance interests have taken her into Contemporary and Hip Hop Fusion. What originally began as an interest in costuming has manifested into something much more, a dedication to her art and sharing that with her students.



Jenny discovered Belly Dance in 2002 when she took classes at WEA with Shamira. Coming from a non-dancing background she originally saw it as a new and fun way to keep active but it slowly developed into an all-consuming passion. Working her way through to advanced classes, she then began performing and ultimately teaching. Jenny loves sharing the joy of Middle Eastern Dance with others, whether through performance or in class and seeing students develop and reach their full potential. On a personal level, Belly Dance has helped her to become more confident and self-assured, while at the same time meeting new people and making some great friends. She regularly attends workshops and festivals in South Australia and interstate, training with teachers from Australia and overseas. In August 2015 she attained her General Skills Certification in American Tribal Style with Carolena Nericcio.




Jessica began belly dancing for pure self indulgence and for a bit of fun with some close girl friends. She was searching for a style of dance where she didn’t need to rely on a partner to commit to classes each week. She soon progressed through to the advanced classes which lead to performing and then eventually progressed into teaching.
Now as a teacher the thing that gives her the most satisfaction is not only sharing Middle Eastern dance with likeminded women but meeting such a wide community of students from all walks of life who are seeking the same thing, an encouraging environment to do something purely for themselves at their own pace and in their own time. It’s all about women getting together, learning from each other and having some fun.



Catherine began Belly Dance classes for social fun, joining classes with her sister and a close group of friends. It was a way they could do something healthy and fun, but also regularly get together for a catch up.
She soon became hooked and added to her dance classes with Bollywood after having travelled to India in 2003 and falling in love with the beautiful Bollywood films, music and costumes.
Catherine has spent many years developing her technique with training both interstate and overseas. Whenever she travels she tries to find a Belly Dance/Bollywood community to learn from.
Catherine is an experienced performer in Belly Dance and Bollywood and regularly performs at private functions, restaurants and in larger stage shows including the Adelaide Fringe Festival.
She enjoys teaching and promotes a fun, social and inclusive atmosphere in her classes.



Lisa has been studying and performing classical belly dance, tribal belly dance and bollywood for nearly 5 years. In 2010 she completed General Skills Certification in American Tribal Style with Carolena Nericcio. She has taken workshops with some of Australia’s leading belly dancers in both classical and tribal styles, including Devi Mamak of Ghawazi Caravan, Melusina, and Jrisi Jusakos, as well as Deb Rubin, Paulette Rees-Denis and Elizabeth Strong of the USA. She also brings experience in other dance styles including Flamenco, Hip Hop and Contemporary Ballet.