Dance Styles

Belly Dance, Bollywood, Tribal, Fusion and Yoga. Offering you a range of levels from beginners through to advanced, whether you are dancing just for fun, fitness or to advance in your technique to a performance level, we have something for everyone. It’s all about you!


Belly Dance

What is Belly Dance?! Fun, Fitness, Movement, Creativity, Expression! Learn this beautiful artform from the Middle East and beyond that will give you empowerment and joy. You will learn the foot patterns, hip, body and arm movements, shimmies and undulations that make this dance so beautiful. Working with Classical, Folkloric and Modern Middle Eastern music and styles from beginners through to intermediate and advanced. Incorporating the use of props including veil, cane, zills and sword as you progress.
Belly Dance is a low impact, fun dance suitable for everyone. Work at your own pace with experienced caring instructors and enjoy learning how your body can move!



Enjoy this exciting dance straight from the Bollywood movies. This high energy low impact style from India will have you hooked in no time. Learn the foot patterns, body movement, arm and hand gestures and eye movements unique to Indian style dance. From Beginners through to intermediate and advanced there is an option for everyone. You will learn technique and choreography to fun Bollywood music and feel the joy of sharing this dance with your fellow students. Our Belly Dance Arabesque Bollywood teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about their art and love sharing their experience with you.



Modern Tribal Style Belly Dance originated in San Francisco in the 1980’s, uniting women in dance and friendship. Its origins are based in Middle Eastern dance with influences from Spanish Flamenco, Northern India and Africa, combining to create an earthy style of dance. American Tribal Style Belly Dance is largely based on improvisation, bringing women together to dance as a group. Using movements, combinations and cues to form the dance and create a dynamic and powerful performance. Tribal Style is both elegant and strong, evoking a spiritual connection with fellow dancers in a fun and friendly environment.
Beginner levels are introduced to Tribal Style with technique, movements and simple combinations creating a solid grounding. Upper levels build on your “repertoire” of moves and combinations as you begin to explore and become confident in the art of improvisation.
All of our Tribal Teachers have trained with Carolena Nericcio of Fat Chance Belly Dance, the innovator of ATS, and love to share this amazing dance with you. Welcome to our Tribe!



Tribal Fusion has evolved from Tribal Style Belly Dance to become an art form of its own. Tribal Fusion draws from many influences of dance and music that is fused with traditional Belly Dance and American Tribal Style.  With classes from intermediate to advanced you will learn how to isolate different parts of your body, using pops, locks, shimmies and serpentine movements in creative choreographies. A knowledge of basic Belly Dance and Tribal Style is recommended. Fun and exciting, Tribal Fusion is the perfect way to explore your creative dance spirit.


Yoga/Dance Conditioning

On its own or as a perfect addition to your dance practice our Yoga and Dance Conditioning class will explore the mind, breath, body connection. With the basis in Hatha Yoga, you will be guided through the physical postures, working at your own pace in a relaxed and supportive environment. In addition to helping keep the body mobile and flexible there is a focus on creating a connection with the breath and the mind, bringing clarity and calm and helping to relieve the stress of modern life. This class is for everyone, treat yourself!