Tribe Arabesque Belly Dance Arabesque

Why do we Belly Dance?

Published 04.11.14

I spent the last few weeks with an abundance of Belly Dance festivities to be a part of and had a chance to speak to dancers from all over the country about what draws th...

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Belly Dance Arabesque Hip Scarf

An Ode to Belly Dancing

Published 13.12.13

We have many talented women at the studio who are creative in all sorts of areas including dress and costume making, painting, music, drawing, and writing. This week is...

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Belly Dance Arabesque Classes and Workshops

Belly Dance = Healthy Mind, Happy Heart, Dancing Feet

Published 25.11.13

By Regan ‘Rania’ GardnerNovember 25, 2013 For many centuries Oriental Dance, or Belly Dance as it is commonly referred to has captivated both dancer and audience alik...

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America Trip May 2010 Fat Chance Belly Dance

Tips to improve your dance skills

Published 02.09.13

 Wouldn’t life be pretty boring if we already knew everything there was to know? If we could insert a chip into our brain, Matrix style and gain all the knowledge to p...

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WAMED 2013

WAMED Festival 2013

Published 14.06.13

It is always fun and inspiring to dedicate time to doing what you love and in my case my profession. I have attended Belly Dance festivals both overseas and in Australia ...

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Unveiling the Seasons Cast and Crew

Living on the Divine Fringe – “Unveiling the Seasons”

Published 05.03.13

If you are a creative person you will understand the process that goes into creating a piece of art work. Whether it is a photograph, a painting, a piece of music or a da...

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Yoga at Belly Dance Arabesque

Keep moving and stress free at Christmas

Published 23.12.12

It’s the time of year when everything gets crazy, the build up to Christmas is a busy time for most of us for all sorts of reasons which can mean our usual routines are...

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Christmas Harem Party 2012

What a year at Belly Dance Arabesque!

Published 18.12.12

What a year it has been! There has been no shortage of exciting things happening this year on the timetable in class and in our dance world.  We were very active in the ...

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Hip to Hip November 2012

Belly Dance at the Quiet Waters Lebanese Restaurant

Published 09.12.12

It is a tradition at Belly Dance Arabesque that we hold our regular Hip to Hip nights at the Quiet Waters Lebanese Restaurant with its charismatic owner Jamil as our host...

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Sarah Maeer Johnson France 2012 3

Tribal Umrah with Sarah Maeer Johnson

Published 12.11.12

Earlier this year I felt the urge to spread my little travelling wings once more in the pursuit of more dancing goodness. Tribal Umrah beckoned to me the most, so it is t...

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Shakti Workshop 2 2012

Shakti and the Goddess!

Published 07.11.12

We were blessed to have the lovely Shakti with us again this year for workshops in Classical Indian Hindu Temple Dance and Kundalini Tantra Yoga. Those of us who did the ...

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Sarafina Caroline Evanoff Barb Wolfcamp

Caroline of Cairo

Published 29.10.12

As my belly buddies were off to the Tribal and Trance fest in Sydney I headed over to Melbourne for the weekend to study with Caroline of Cairo!! To say I returned from M...

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Divine Elements Sydney Tribal & Trance Fest 2012

Tribal and Trance Festival in Sydney Oct 2012

Published 23.10.12

Belly Dance Arabesque’s Tribal teachers Regan, Sarah and Lisa headed off to the Tribal and Trance Fest in Sydney on October 11 with the other 7 members of Tribe Arabesq...

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Harem Party

End of Term Harem Party

Published 09.10.12

Each term students and teachers look forward to our end of term party. It is an afternoon of fun where students can relax and enjoy themselves, dress up and perform the ...

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Belly Dance

It’s not all about the belly!

Published 09.10.12

 Belly Dancing is not all about the belly as the name may suggest, it is about so much more. It is true that there are a lot of movements that work the belly and the cor...

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