An Ode to Belly Dancing

We have many talented women at the studio who are creative in all sorts of areas including dress and costume making, painting, music, drawing, and writing. This week is our last week of dancing for the year and one of my lovely students gave me this poem she had written ‘Ode To Belly Dancing’ that I would like to share. It really says how much joy women can get from coming to dance class and taking the time for themselves to dance and socialise, it is more than just exercise it is a whole experience, fun and uplifting.

Ode to Belly Dance

By Chris Edwards-Brown

As the droning of the oud fills the room
hip scarves are hurriedly tied,
conversations end
a little too soon.

Stepping into a circle with hands in the air
the jingling of coins
mingles with the music
as we move without care.

Colours swirl amidst beating drums
as we take our places
before the mirror,
class has begun.

Graceful hands and swaying hips
troubles brushed aside,
as concentration grips.

We attempt new moves
try to recall those we’ve learnt
an accent, a shimmy
dancing to Middle Eastern grooves.

But, all too soon time brings a close
silks and coins are removed
as the music fades,
that hour so quickly goes.

Until next week when we return to class
to chat and laugh,
to dance once more
all trying to mimic Regan’s arse.

Belly Dance Arabesque Hip Scarf