Belly Dance at the Quiet Waters Lebanese Restaurant

It is a tradition at Belly Dance Arabesque that we hold our regular Hip to Hip nights at the Quiet Waters Lebanese Restaurant with its charismatic owner Jamil as our host. These nights are always lots of fun for both the performers and for the audience who indulge in Middle Eastern Dance and a delicious banquet meal of Lebanese food.

The Hip to Hip is an opportunity for students who would like to take their performance skills a little further in a safe and supportive environment. Along with our professional performers for the evening we will have two or three more advanced students who perform solo, possibly for the first time. There is always such great energy in the restaurant and great appreciation and encouragement for the dancers.

Our dancers always look forward to the excitement of performing in a Hip to Hip at the Quiet Waters Lebanese Restaurant. The dancers spend weeks choosing music, costuming and rehearsing for their performance, sometimes choreographed, sometimes improvised, to weave their way between the Quiet Waters diners and entertain them. Once the last performer has finished it is time for the audience participation, it is always easy to get the eager audience on their feet and moving to the Middle Eastern Rhythms. The night is topped off with delicious Lebanese Coffee, Baklava and Turkish Delight! With the old world charm of the Quiet Waters, the fabulous food, Middle Eastern Rhythms and dancing the Hip to Hip nights are great fun.

You don’t need to wait for a Hip to Hip night to indulge in Middle Eastern food and dancing as our professional Belly Dance Arabesque dancers entertain at the Quiet Waters every Saturday night so treat yourself to the magic of the Middle East right here in Adelaide!

Hip to Hip November 2012