Shakti and the Goddess!

We were blessed to have the lovely Shakti with us again this year for workshops in Classical Indian Hindu Temple Dance and Kundalini Tantra Yoga. Those of us who did the workshop with her last year knew what fabulous things await us and those who were there for the first time were in for a brand new experience.

 This workshop was for everyone, dance experience was not necessary as Shakti moved slowly through a series of Classical movements that included foot work and Mudra. The foot work included stamping which was not only a good workout for the legs and feet but great stress relief! We combined the footwork with direction changes, travelling steps, balances and arm and hand gestures building up each sequence slowly then getting faster and faster. There was lots of laughter as we tried to keep up with Shakti during the fast repetition!

It was really lovely having a chance to learn some basics of this Classical Indian dance, which to perfect requires years of training and dedication. The beauty about being able to take a workshop like this is that the movements can be carried over into our Oriental dance and help to inform new movement and creativity.

 In the second part of the workshop Shakti took us through a session of Kundalini Tantra yoga which helps to activate the powerful energy within us. Using the flow of the breath through the body brings out our life force, all movements are circular and flowing with the centre in the lower abdomen thus creating your own mandala.

 It is fair to say that everyone left the workshop feeling energised and connected, with the lovely balance of Classical Indian Dance and Kundalini Yoga we truly did invoke the inner Goddess!

Regan “Rania” Gardner

Shakti Workshop 2 2012