Tribal and Trance Festival in Sydney Oct 2012

Belly Dance Arabesque’s Tribal teachers Regan, Sarah and Lisa headed off to the Tribal and Trance Fest in Sydney on October 11 with the other 7 members of Tribe Arabesque to indulge in a long weekend of tribal belly dance workshops, watching the Red Carpet Night performances, market day shopping and performing and of course meeting other dancers from around Australia and beyond.

There were many workshops on offer including those by the special international guests Samantha Emanuel from the UK and performer with the Belly Dance Super Stars and Sabine from the USA. Both ladies did not disappoint and left workshop participants feeling inspired with fresh material. Their performances were also inspiring to say the least and left the audience wanting more! 

Along with the international guests our tribal girls attended other workshops with Aussie dancers including Devi, Jrisi Jusakos, Emily Cooper, Mai’isah and Aradia. It was nice to see so many Adelaide dancers there for the festival not only from Arabesque but from other schools around town. It really is nice to immerse yourself in a weekend of dance to learn new technique and skills from professional dancers in other parts of the country and the world. Watching performances from other troupes in all variety of tribal styles is fun too and you can see all the little things that make tribal belly dance unique for them from costuming and music to stylisation. The thing I love about Tribal Belly Dance is the connection you make with your fellow dancers whether it be in a troupe or in class. Tribe Arabesque and Divine Elements had a great time performing at the market day and of course indulging in some shopping for tribal goodies!

The whole troupe arrived home safely on Sunday evening feeling tired and inspired. It is nice to venture out into the world and learn new things, but it is always nice to come back home.

 Regan “Rania” Gardner

Divine Elements Sydney Tribal & Trance Fest 2012