Caroline of Cairo

As my belly buddies were off to the Tribal and Trance fest in Sydney I headed over to Melbourne for the weekend to study with Caroline of Cairo!! To say I returned from Melbourne inspired would be an understatement! Not only is dancing for a whole weekend good for the soul Caroline’s workshops were refreshing, fast paced and challenging!

 The lovely Barb Wolfkamp hosted Caroline at Belly Dance Kismet, Melbourne on the weekend of October the 13th 2012. Caroline taught 4 x 2 hour workshops over 2 days covering Modern Egyptian, Egyptian Pop, Saiidi and Shaabi. The soundtrack was awesome with all the new hits direct from Cairo. 

 Caroline Evanoff has been performing and living in Cairo for 14 years now and has a massive wealth of knowledge to draw on. Needless to say the decision to go over to Melbourne to study with her was an easy one to make. My only regret was that it wasn’t longer as I would have loved to have looked at more technique in addition to what we already covered. Probably the biggest lesson I learnt over the weekend was to really engage my muscles in Egyptian style. That every muscle engagement has a reaction… or a ricochet, and that gives more “feeling” to the music you are dancing to rather than making movements “just in the air”. That probably doesn’t make a lot of sense in writing and I guess to truly understand you have to see it so, if you get a chance, definitely attend a Caroline workshop!

 In whole I had a wonderful time in Melbourne! It was lovely to see so many belly friends from the east coast too, a massive thanks to Barb for hosting the weekend and especially to Caroline for the inspiration and a for few new feathers in my proverbial dancing cap.


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